Integrity test

If a firm wishes to appoint a daily policymaker or co-policymaker, it should use this service to notify the AFM in advance. The personal integrity of directors, supervisory directors, co-policymakers and shareholders is part of the integrity of the financial sector. To ensure this personal integrity, these persons must undergo an integrity test. In principle, a person undergoes an integrity test only once at “the gateway to the financial world”. This test is in principle valid without limitation, unless there are changes in a person's past history. The AFM establishes whether a person's integrity is beyond doubt on the basis of Article 12 of the Decree on Conduct of Business Supervision of Financial Undertakings under the Wft [Besluit gedragstoezicht financiële ondernemingen, or Bgfo].

Policymakers are tested for expertise so that they can properly organise their business conduct and provide their clients with expert advice.


Integrity test

The requirement that policymakers are expert and are persons of integrity and that co-policymakers are persons of integrity is based on the conditions for the granting of a licence on the basis of the financial supervision legislation. This requirement must also be complied with on an ongoing basis. The investigation by the AFM forms part of the appointment procedure for a daily policymaker or co-policymaker. If a person does not have the required expertise or their integrity is not beyond doubt, he or she cannot be appointed.

For this reason, new (co-) policymakers must be tested by the AFM prior to their appointment by submitting the integrity form together with the notification form of proposed appointment.

Integrity test

The charge for the integrity test is €700.

The charge for the expertise test is €2.900.


Integrity test

Submitting an application
Please fill in the integrity screening form and send it electronically to the AFM. Before submitting your application form, do not forget to print and sign the completed document. You must upload the signed document in the online application form as well, see Annexes.

Please upload the applicable forms and documents below in the online form (see procedure):

* for the integrity screening of co-policymakers only these documents are applicable.


  1. Fill in the Integrity Screening Form and save it
  2. Fill in the other annexes and save them
  3. Log in via Login AFM ID
  4. Open the online application form via the link below (start service)
  5. Fill in your details and upload the annexes in the application form
  6. Submit the application form


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