The issued capital and the number of votes of a Dutch public limited company listed in Europe, and a legal entity listed in the Netherlands, but not incorporated under EU law is public information and made available through the public registers of the AFM.

Listed companies are required to report their issued capital and the number of votes to the AFM.

Changes of 1% or more
The issuer must immediately report every change of 1% or more in its capital to the AFM.

No details.


Not applicable.


You can submit your notification via Loket AFM. See the link below. To access Loket AFM, you will need to use the separate access code and password that you previously received by e-mail. You can also request them from   

If you have any questions about the notification, please send them to  

If you encounter problems with submitting the notification electronically via Loket AFM, you can use the Word document below.

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