A net short position is the result of setting off a long position against a short one.

Notifying a short position
Notification must be made of any position attaining 0.2% of the issued share capital, and of every subsequent 0.1% above this threshold. Notifications from 0,5% and each 0.1% above are made public via the register short selling.

Also net short positions in sovereign debt need to over or below certain thresholds reported. These are not made public.

Exemption from notification requirement
Market makers and primary dealers may be exempt from the requirement to notify net short positions. To be eligible for this exemption, you can apply using a form and submitting the relevant documentation. See under Apply.



No further details.


No charge is made for this service.


You must submit your notification of a net short position in shares via Loket AFM. To access Loket AFM, you will need the separate access code and password that you previously received by e-mail. You can also request them from loket@afm.nl.

Only when Loket AFM is not available due to technical failure, you can use the (pdf) form below. (Notification form net short position in shares).

Please be informed that all cancellations as well as short positions in sovereign debt and uncovered sovereign debt credit default are not available after log in. For these notifications and your cancellations, you can use the (pdf) forms below.


To be eligible for an exemption from this notification requirement, market makers and primary dealers may use the forms below.

If you have any questions, please send them to melden@afm.nl.

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