License application DRSP

In order to be able to provide data reporting services in the Netherlands, you must apply for a licence from the AFM. At the tab Apply you can read how to apply for a licence. This licence application is about providing an APA, ARM or CTP.


License application DRSP 

The AFM deals with an application in 13 weeks. You can apply for a MiFID II licence from 1 April 2017. If you apply for a licence after 1 June 2017 there is a risk that the review of your application cannot be completed in time.


License application DRSP

The AFM charges €200 per hour spent on reviewing your application with a maximum of €100.000.


License application DRSP

The AFM aims to process your licence application as soon as possible. The assessment of the application and all annexes takes time. A complete and clear application makes it possible for us to process your application faster.

For a licence application you will need to send in the following forms and declarations:

You can send the forms to

You will receive a confirmation of receipt. After a licence has been issued, you will be informed and you will be added to our register.


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