Changes in antecedent events - market operators

Supervised companies are required to report to the AFM new antecedent events and any changes in antecedents of daily policymakers, supervisory board members, and co-policymakers.

In response to the reported antecedent event, the AFM can decide to rescreen the person in question. This may lead to the judgment that this person’s integrity is no longer beyond doubt and/or that this person is found no longer suitable.

Examples of changes in antecedent events are:

  • (involvement in) traffic offences
  • financial problems
  • bankruptcy
  • falsification of documents
  • embezzlement
  • improper tax return

For a list of the antecedents that must be reported in any event, see Appendix C of the Decree on Conduct of Business Supervision of Financial Undertakings under the Wft.

In case of any doubt, please contact our Business Desk.
The AFM keeps records of antecedent events in the Directors’ monitor.


Changes in antecedent events - market operators

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Changes in antecedent events - market operators

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Changes in antecedent events - market operators

You can report changes in antecedent events via the ‘meldingsformulier wijziging antecedenten’ (changes in Antecedent Events Notification Form, only available in Dutch).


  1. Fill in the form and save it.
  2. Sign a printed copy.
  3. Scan the completed and signed form.
  4. Send the form by e-mail to

You will automatically receive a confirmation by email. Please save a copy for your own administration.


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