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The Portal is unavailable on 5, 6 and 7 February from 8.00 PM to 12.00 PM, due to maintenance.

Forms can only be opened using Internet Explorer
The forms within the portal can only be opened with Internet Explorer. Other browsers are not supported.

Search for services
The menu on the left lists categories of services. You can also search with keywords.

Login (companies)
Login is required to access most services for companies. You also need to log in to access your own details in My portal.

Login as a company
As a company you can log in with an AFM ID. There are two different forms: for Dutch companies with a registration at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) and for foreign companies without a registration at the Chamber of Commerce.
Application form AFM ID for Dutch companies (Dutch only)
Application form AFM ID for non Dutch companies

Login as a person
As a person you can log in with your personal DigiD. You can apply for a DigiD at the DigiD website

If you are not a Dutch citizin, you cannot have a DigiD. In that case you have to log in with an AFM ID. 
Application form AFM ID for non Dutch individuals

Forgotten username or password
Username and/or password DigiD
Password AFM ID

More information about login

My portal
My portal stores specific details about your company (or about yourself if you have logged in as an individual person). This information includes details about your company/yourself, ongoing matters, and partly filled in and saved forms. My portal allows you to change a number of details yourself.

Authorised representation
You can authorise a company or individual to represent you. An authorised representative will be able to request services for you and to view and change your details in My portal. In My portal you can apply for an authorisation.

More information about login

Frequently asked questions
If you have questions about using the Digital portal or about our services, you might find the answers at Frequently asked questions. If not, please contact us.

Loket AFM
A few services voor capital market parties are still available via Loket AFM. In the future these services will be offered via the Digital portal.


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