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In order to apply for most services and for access to your details in My portal, you will first have to log in. 

Companies can log in with an AFM ID. Companies can have more than one AFM IDs. Individuals can only have one AFM ID.

You have to choose your own user name. Following your application, you will be sent your password by e-mail. You can change the password after login. Please make sure you remember your user name. This will not be mentioned in the e-mail.

There are different forms: for Dutch companies with a registration at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK), for foreign companies and for foreign individuals.

Application form AFM ID for Dutch companies
Application form AFM ID for non Dutch companies
Application form for non Dutch individuals

Forgotten your username or password
If you lost the username of your AFM ID, please contact the AFM. Please mention your name, client ID and/or the e-mail address of the contact person for the concerning AFM ID.

If you lost the password of your AFM ID, you can request for a new password.

Authorised representation (financial service providers)
Digital portal users can appoint a company or individual to represent them. This authorised representative can then request services on behalf of the party that issued the authorisation and can also view and change details stored in My portal.

Authorised representatives must first log in with their own user name and password and then select the user for whom they will be acting as a representative. In My portal you can apply for an authorisation. This possibility is only available for financial service providers. 


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